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  • What is Profit Stream Online?
    This is a single place where a member can come to and learn how to generate profits using online methods.
  • What are Bitcoin Miners?
    Bitcoin miners are the people who use their computers to help verify transactions on the Bitcoin network. In order for us to know that your money is real and exists before you send it to someone, bitcoin miners in the network will analyze the transaction and ensure with many other sources before your transaction is approved on the blockchain. If we didn't have bitcoin miners, you would simply have been able to manipulate this and then be able to "double-spend" your Bitcoin in several different places at the same time. It's like they solve a really hard puzzle that requires a lot of calculations, but once you solve it, you can get some bitcoins as a reward! The Bitcoin network is designed so that the difficulty of mining bitcoins increases over time. This means that it is always a challenge to mine bitcoins, but you can get more if you work harder! This means that the more processing power you use to verify transactions in the Bitcoin network, the more Bitcoin you can earn. But it also comes with a cost… On your electricity bill! It sounds like a lot of effort for little reward – why would anyone care? This question addresses a common misconception about bitcoins; they are valuable because they are rare. This is wrong! Bitcoins have value because they solve real problems, not the other way around.
  • What is Bitcoin?
    Bitcoin is a digital currency and payment system that has been around since 2009. The idea was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, but no one knows who it is. Satoshi Nakamoto is an unknown person or group of people under his pseudonym who is still a mystery.
  • How to create Bitcoins?
    Bitcoins are created by different miners "mining" them. This means that you have to have your computer equipment (sometimes called a mining rig) join a Bitcoin network and solve complex mathematical problems using cryptography. When you have solved these mathematical problems with the help of your computing power, you get a reward in the form of Bitcoin. This is how bitcoin mining works and how Bitcoin is created.

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